Garlic and Thyme Roasted Carrots

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These Roasted Carrots with Garlic and Thyme make the perfect healthy side dish full of garlicky herbs with just a hint of balsamic.

Lately I have been having weird cravings for a Thanksgiving style meal – like the whole nine yards. I want the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, and all the fixings. But it’s surprisingly hard to find a turkey in March so I have been settling for roast chicken dinners. It’s the perfect Sunday meal and the leftovers usually keep us full for a few days.

This past weekend I made these carrots as one of the side dishes and couldn’t believe how quickly they disappeared. The magic comes from roasting the carrots until they begin to caramelize and char on the outside. They get sweet and tender and delicious. Then paired with the balsamic vinegar, thyme, and garlic – yum. Since they are so good, I recommend making a double or even triple batch. They are perfect for salads, wraps, and especially good in quesadillas.

Looking for more carrot side dishes? Try these Rosemary Carrot Chips, Honey Roasted Carrots with Balsamic, or Honey Roasted Carrots and Sweet Potatoes.

Calories 139, Total Fat 7g, Total Carbohydrate 18g, Protein 2g, Serving Size 2/3 cup


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